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-PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                    

Name: Gabriela González Gutiérrez
Contact phone number: 669336907 / 933717777



  Her current job consists of individual Shamanic sessions in which through the art of inspired guesswork, healing, testing floral essences and other methods, she gets to the root of her patient’s problem, that could have arisen in their childhood, or through repeated patterns from their parents, or even acquired traumas from past lives. She makes people to be conscious about their situation bringing them the healing and energy required to change their state of mind not to fall again in the same situation.

   For stress and lack of strength, she provides Unitary Reiki sessions so that the patient can be able to relax as profoundly as possible in order to forget about their problems and to observe them from another calm, deeper and different perspective.


   For therapists that already practice different therapies and that would like to deepen and at the same time offer a wider help to their patients, she gives workshops in Shamanism, in which she helps people find their own wisdom, to obtain more information from their own patients and to be able to heal them with new and powerful tools, that can also improve their methods and techniques, turning it into a real motivating spiritual path in which their own life will be transformed  in order to reach their goals and dreams.

   For those who love animals, she offers Unitary Reiki courses where you can learn how to heal, pet, understand, and protect these creatures from a loving and efficient perspective.

   For those who already have any Reiki level and would like to obtain a  very complete Master, Gabriela offers Unitary Reiki courses where you can be initiated in the 25 adequate symbols to the current vibration rate.


  Gabriela was born in Mexico. Since she was a little girl she was deeply attracted by spiritual topics, healers, alternative medicine, Mexican shamans, alternative therapies, natural healing methods, etc., due to the fact that her father had a number of spiritual, self-help  and paranormal  affair books. Moreover, he used to meditate for long periods of time and he had a strong faith on those topics. In addition, her family used to meet in their old family house where they would talk about ghost stories and paranormal experiences that were really familiar for them.

  On the other hand, she has another great passion: animals. During her childhood, she would rescue and take care of all the little birds, parrots, doves, snakes, rabbits, dogs, chicken and even tarantulas that had fallen from their nests or that their owners didn’t want to keep on taking care of or that were hurt.

  When she moves to Barcelona she continues her spiritual life on her own and there she takes Shamanism courses and she immediately contacts a Teacher of Spiritual Power that practically leads her life, she can get messages and a great deal of important information for the people who ask  it for.
She also practices Shamanic healing and other techniques related to Death.

 She has studied Usui, Karuna and Unitary Reiki and many other different types of therapies; however, her preferred ones are Shamanism and Unitary Reiki.
Nowadays, she lives in a big, mountain house full of animals and plants, together with her children and her charming soul mate  in Barcelona, sharing her experiences and knowledge with those who decide to start their own spiritual path, clearing out traumas and illnesses, trying to make them understand why some events take place and helping them to decide on what they desire “to be and to do” from that moment on.

Master in Usui Reiki  (2004)
Master in Karuna Reiki (2006)
Master in Unitary Reiki (2009)
Course in Bach Flowers (2006)
Reflexology (2007)
Master in Arolo-Tifar (2006)
Courses in Angels  I & II (2007)
Courses in Shamanism:
-Basic (2006)
-Extraction (2007)
-Death and beyond (2008)
-Shamanic consultancy (2009)
Techniques in assistance therapies with animals in Bocalán (2011)
Workshop in Light Codes imparted by Kai (2011)
Course in Turquoise and Sapphire Codes imparted by Kai (2012)

Degree in Administration and Direction of Enterprises (1989-1993)

-Gabriela collaborates with:

  “La Radio al Otro Lado del Espejo” providing personalized advice to whom asks for it through an e-mail.
 “Fundación Trifolium (canópolis)”  that is a refugee for animals in Garraf, where they provide with alternative therapies for the animals that are released in the streets or that have health problems and that is difficult to  adopt them . In that place they pet them until they die because of their illnesses. They do not sacrify any of them, regardless of the problems they could create. 

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